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Cleanse your body and invite a burst of energy, health, and happiness into your life

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Length 2 days
Detox your body in 1 day is a free, self-improvement class available in our app. You can signup for this (or any other class) and every day we will send you some to-do's. Each to-do you complete will help you get closer to your goal.

The class Detox your body in 1 day is constantly reviewed by our researchers to ensure all to-do's are meaningful, valuable, and up-to-date based on the latest research. The following are a few sources we use to ensure our personal growth and self-improvement classes are best-in-breed in the industry.

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  • White papers
  • Scientific research and behavioral studies
  • Health influencers
  • Latest trends and news articles

Detox your body in 1 day | Class preview

Here is a small sample of to-do's you will be receiving daily to complete.

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First thing in the morning, get your metabolism going and give yourself a shot of energy by drinking a serving of the “Grin Machine”
Drink another breakfast juice serving about 2 hours later
For lunch, drink a serving of the “Red Grin”

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