Saying hello could be the start

Do you want to get to know someone from a different culture? Why not try to speak a word or two in their native language.

The effort will definitely be appreciated.

Of course, to be able to talk to someone in their native language takes a lot of of practice and effort, but learning to say ‘Hello’ is a good start and will send the right message.

And once you are done with hello, you can switch to using Google Translate to find more interesting words, or even sentences, to follow-up. If you want some help to get started, try goodbye next

Depending on the language, there could be many ways of saying hello (e.g. formal, informal, to groups, etc). Check out the following video links for whatever languages you are interested in.

Learn Hello in Different Languages

Bonjour – French

Oi – Portuguese

Ciao – Italian

Hola – Spanish

Namaste – Hindi

Zdrastvuy – Russian

Nǐ hǎo – Chinese

Konnichiwa – Japanesse

Hallo – German

Salaam – Persian

Salaam alaikum – Arabic