Negative effects of technology on dating

Couple having a lunch date

Smartphones and the internet have changed the way we communicate with others and date. While there are many benefits to being able to text message with someone you like, there are many other problems that we could face. We are not here to talk you out of technology. What we want you to understand is how the way you use technology might affect your dating routines.

Don’t Use Your Phone

When you are on a date, one of the most annoying things is talking to someone that is constantly looking at their phone. Please, don’t be that person. In that way, you are being disrespectful of the time and attention of the other person. If possible, turn off your phone altogether during your date. Not only will that give you a short social detox, but it will also keep your mind on the special moment at hand.

The Value Of Face To Face

Face to face conversations will always be better. No matter how much you text message, send pictures or Skype with one another, the deep and important conversations should be with that person at your side. And by that, we mean the good and the bad. There is nothing wrong with solving a problem or conflict on the phone, but we know how that ends up most of the time, right?

Logistics Only

A good way to approach technology during those early stages of dating is trying to use texting and messages only to schedule a date. This will make sure you can meet the person face to face and keep those conversations for in person. Eventually you can text message about your day to day life or some deeper conversations, but it is always better to meet in person. This allows you to see the body language, expressions, tone, and all those subtle details that show if that person really likes you or not.

Be Human

Even though technology connects us, there is nothing better than sitting down with another human being to express your full range of emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Texting and calls should be considered as tools to keep up to date and stay in touch, but nothing will ever replace a good one on one date. Once you understand this to the fullest extent, then technology will stop controlling you dating life, thus having better relationships overall.

To Do

  • Keep your phone turned off or on Do Not Disturb during a date.
  • Have most of your conversations in person.
  • Use texting and calls only to schedule the date.

Not To Do

  • Scroll through your Instagram feed during a date.
  • Express your feelings only through text message.
  • Constantly try out different conversations via text message, especially during work hours.