The basics of meeting people… and flirting, too

Couple flirting

It is no secret that the ability to meet new people and show them that you are interested is no easy task for many of us. There are many techniques and tips that only worsens things because these actions don’t really project real confidence. There is no shortcut to social skills. They must be learned over time. The sooner you learn it, the better you’ll get at having new friends and eventually, a new partner.

Be Yourself

I know you’ve heard this before, and you are probably still skeptical, but it is true. Being honest and projecting who you really are goes a long way. The more you express your interests, goals and values, the more confident you’ll come across to others. Don’t be shy about talking about your favorite things, projects, and thoughts. Expressing yourself will help you in screening who could be your potential soulmate. Their reactions will instantly show you if they have similar interests that you could relate to.

Accept Rejections

The more rejections you get from the start, the better. Yep, we know that doesn’t sound very encouraging. But stick with us for now. Do you like every single person you’ve met in your life? Absolutely not! If this is true, then why would people instantly like you every time you flirt with them?

Flirting is all about showing you’re interested in somebody, which means being vulnerable and seeing if there’s an interest from the other person. Some people will instantly dislike you, others will be neutral, and a selective group will be interested in you. Don’t focus on rejections or those who are neutral. They are the ones who are missing out! Rejections will teach you lessons you could use in future opportunities.

Take Care Of Your Looks

Everybody likes a well-balanced human being who takes care of him or herself. Be active. Try to go to the gym, take part in a running team, do martial arts, or even yoga. You don’t need to be a six-pack athlete in order to keep a fitness habit that helps your body and mind.

Let’s not forget about personal grooming and styling. This is not some red carpet makeover, but just making sure your clothing fits with your style and sticking to some general fashion rules. If you have a beard, trim it every once in a while. Try using a face and hand cream to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. These small steps go a long way in improving your chances. Remember that first impressions are vital in engaging with someone you don’t know.

Final Verdict

Meeting new people could be difficult for those who don’t have the social skills to do it. The good thing is that it is never too late to learn and improve upon those skills that are used in your personal life as well as in most professional careers. 

To improve your social skills, break down everything to small steps. Begin by staring at people until they break eye contact. If you’re near somebody, ask that person what time it is. These low stakes interactions help build your confidence and show that you can talk to people regularly without being a life or death situation. Take risks, be bold, and slowly learn to interact with people to improve your social skills.