Why you shouldn’t skip breakfast

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Over the years, there has been discussions about how breakfast could be less important than people might think. Even though some studies reflect that, it is still an essential meal for many of us. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t skip breakfast.

Food For The Mind

For a person who needs to switch tasks constantly on the job, you’ll need the right food to keep you focused and consistent. A good breakfast with proteins and fat will keep you sharp even in the most complex of tasks. Take into account that even though most of us aren’t morning people, half of your work day occurs in the morning.

Keeps You Away From Sweet Snacks

One of the worst habits is to pick up a snack in the morning that is delicious but doesn’t have any nutritional benefit. A good breakfast can help you have the willpower to stay away from candy, chocolate, and other sweets. Maybe you’ll even try out healthier snacks, like peanuts or a protein bar.

Is It Lunch Yet?

Due to our working schedules, lunch is far ahead in the day. Skipping breakfast will make you starve to a point where it isn’t good for you. By eating breakfast, you won’t be daydreaming about the lunch you’ll have in the next few hours. Oh, and remember that most of the time we just rush in preparing our meal, ending up with a less than desirable lunch for the day. I’m looking at you, sandwich.

Yes, Fasting Is Good, But Not Every Day

Science has shown studies about the benefits of fasting and how they tell you to skip breakfast. Even though it is true that it has some benefits, fasting shouldn’t be part of your everyday routine. If you’re going to fast, be careful by eating enough during dinner and the next lunch. Also, consult your doctor. Fasting won’t be beneficial if you don’t have a balanced diet overall.

Eating Good Is Better Than Everything

Instead of skipping breakfast, have a meal plan that suits your needs and gives you the right nutrition for your body. Instead of eating too much for dinner, try eating more during breakfast. Try different meals that work better for you. Many people feel that eating too much in the morning is nauseating. In these cases, try smaller meals that have the right amount of nutrition, like protein bars and protein drinks. They are much smaller than your regular meal and it will probably have more nutrients.

Also, if you have thought of fasting for some time, first consult a doctor before trying it out. Fasting may be more damaging than effective for the wrong person trying it.

To Do

  • Eat a well balanced breakfast that includes mainly proteins and fat.
  • Keep a healthy snack such as a protein bar or nuts.
  • Make sure the lunch you have during the day is balanced.
  • If you want to fast, don’t do it regularly.

Not To Do

  • Think that by eating snack, you can compensate for your breakfast.
  • Eat a cookie for breakfast.
  • Visit the snack vending machine.