What happens when you add milk or sugar to coffee or tea

Cup of tea with spices

It is a common habit to sweeten our coffee by adding some milk or sugar. What we might not know is how these added ingredients could affect our diet in measurable ways. Because most people drink at least 2 cups of coffee per day, these add-ons could be changed or even rejected altogether to have a better diet and coffee drinking experience.


When adding milk to our coffee, most people add skimmed milk because they believe that the fat isn’t good for them. Actually, full fat milk is better for coffee in the morning than skimmed milk. The reason is that it has less sugar than skimmed milk and it includes vital fats that are actually good for your diet.


One of the biggest no’s for coffee or tea is sugar. When we add sugar, not only does it affect our sugar rush, but it keeps our mind looking for that sugar during the day. It’s better to choose other sweeteners that give you that sensation but your body will not crave for it. Among other things that could be added that give a slight sweet to your coffee is non dairy creamer or honey.

Healthy Add-Ons

It isn’t easy to replace sugar with other things because some people really like their coffee with some sweet taste. In order to achieve this, there are other replacements that are much healthier while not adding much sugar to your cup. Some of these ingredients are:

  • Vanilla extract: just add two drops of this in your coffee and it will instantly be much more sweet without the sugar rush.
  • Cinnamon: another healthy option that gives a gentle flavor to coffee and tea.
  • Coconut milk or creamer: these options have some fat, but they still are much better than adding sugar. Try them out and you’ll feel the difference.

What these add-ones help to do is reduce the sugar count to the lowest levels when drinking coffee or tea. These simple steps will help you try out other options that don’t have the negative effects of skimmed milk or sugar.

A Subtle Change Can Make Cravings Go Away

If you try out different add-ons in your coffee and tea, you’ll notice they will give you the same tingling sensation as sugar or flavored milk. A difference in what you add to your drinks can make significant changes throughout the day, mainly that of craving more fat or sugary. Cravings are unsatisfied needs that lead to bad choices. By changing some of the add-ons, you can easily make your cravings go away and have a healthier lifestyle.

To Do

  • Purchase vanilla extract, cinnamon and coconut milk during your next trip to the supermarket.
  • Try your coffee with full fat milk.
  • Don’t buy sugar for a month and see if you stop craving it.

Not To Do

  • Add as much sugar as you can.
  • Include chocolate in your coffee.
  • Try out a mix of vanilla extract with sugar in your coffee.