The importance of sleep for losing weight

Girl sleeping peacefully

After a long day of work, sometimes we start binge watching a new TV series or playing games just to be entertained. We’ve been following through with a strict diet and exercise regime, but we are neglecting one of the most vital aspects of our health: sleep. As more research shows how important those 8 hours in bed are, more correlations appear between a good night’s sleep and losing weight. Here are some facts that you may not know about the importance of sleep for losing weight.

Consistency Is Key

If you want to form a sleep habit that gives you 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday, then a consistent schedule is needed. With this, you’ll allow the circadian rhythms to establish, thus helping your metabolism work during sleep.

No Extra Hunger During The Day

The main problem of neglecting sleep is the fact that you will not have the necessary energy to keep up with the day. Once your body starts to feel tired, it will start to look out for food in order to keep up with the body demands. This is the moment when people drink that sugary energy drink or eat an unhealthy snack. A good night’s sleep will keep you alert without the need for any extra calories during the day.

No Sleep, No Gains

Are you waking up and going straight to the gym but aren’t sleeping 8 hours a day? Then you won’t see much of a difference. Any kind of physical activity requires your body to rest in order to get muscle growth. Without sleep, your body doesn’t do its process well and you’ll even keep the same amount of fat. Sleeping will help you recover from exercise, gain the muscle you worked for, and continue to burn those calories after the workout.

Want To Lose 20% More Weight?

It is proven that people who sleep more and sleep better can lose much more weight than the average person. Once you start getting results, you’ll never want to binge watch or play games again during your sleeping schedule!

Do What Works Best For You

It is suggested to start sleeping earlier that you try doing it in 15 minute intervals. Try sleeping 15 minutes earlier than yesterday and so on. It is also suggested to turn of your TV and your phone. Also try some apps that help you keep a consistent schedule. Some people with smart light bulbs have a schedule were all lights go out, reinforcing the fact that you must be sleeping during that time. Some days you’ll go to sleep late, but it is important to keep trying. In the end, the benefits will be for your overall health and personal life.

To Do

  • Figure out a consistent sleeping schedule.
  • Make sure you eat an hour before bed.
  • Are you a night owl? Figure out which time of the day you can take a 20 minute nap.

Not To Do

  • Binge watch on Netflix during your sleep schedule.
  • Sabotage your muscle gains by eating due to tiredness.
  • Pull an all nighter to finish a project. Don’t procrastinate and do things on time!