Once you start a low carb diet, you’ll never go back

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Once You Start A Low Carb Diet, You’ll Never Go Back

Maybe you’ve heard about a low carb diet and flinch just by thinking of getting rid of bread, pasta, cookies, and crackers. Even though these meals might be considered essential, they’re not. Here are some myths about low carbohydrate diets, also known as ketogenic (aka keto) diets.

Low Carb Diet ≠ Low Calorie Diet

Once you start a low carb diet, you’ll be eating as much calories, maybe even more, than with a regular diet. It isn’t about eliminating carbs, but replacing them with food that contains fat. You might find the necessary amount of carbs in foods like vegetables and fruit, that also contain the same nutritional qualities as other meals. So no, you won’t be eating less food.

Carbs Aren’t As Necessary

Our need for carbs only came from the agricultural revolution and the fact that it is shown as an essential item in the food pyramid. In both cases, it has been dismissed by scientific evidence that shows our need for carbs isn’t necessary. Humans lived for centuries without carbohydrates, eating meals similar to the ones found in a low carb diet or protein diet.

You’ll Be Less Hungry

When your body starts getting used to retrieving energy from other sources other than glucose, you’ll feel less hungry during the day. Say goodbye to those days that you needed a quick snack in order to wait for lunch. Because you’ll no longer need carbs, you can easily forget those sweet snacks that you always wanted.

You’ll Never Go Back

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll never want to go back to your regular diet once you start a low carb diet. Yes, willpower is key to sustaining it, but your body starts to need less carbs and more fat, which is the main point of the ketogenic process. A low carb meal plan (even one for beginners) will help you start on the right path and get you living healthier, faster than you might think!

To Do

Not To Do

  • Eat only carbohydrates.
  • Consume less calories.
  • Have a cheat meal during your low carb diet.